About Us

Casco Bay Custom Charters is owned and operated by people who are passionate about Maine’s coast and the boats at home in these waters.  We started offing charters for 2 simple reasons:  First, we want to share our enjoyment of the water with others.  Second, we want to preserve a piece of Maine maritime history for future generations. 

We invest a lot of sweat and time and money in keeping our vessel as beautiful as the day she was first launched. But as anyone who’s set foot aboard MONHEGAN can attest, she’s worth it!

We want to maintain M/V MONHEGAN in as close to perfect condition as we can while also ensuring the highest degree of functionality, safety, and comfort. This means we utilize a marriage of old and new equipment, materials, and techniques. We aren’t afraid of modern contrivances like GPS, composting toilets, and solar panels. Nor do we shy away from modern coatings and epoxies. However, we also use old-fashioned cotton to keep the seams between the planks tight, and we refuse to wash the boat with anything other than seawater. We want to make sure that no matter what we do, we maintain MONHEGAN’S utilitarian simplicity, ruggedness, and mystique. We call it “functional preservation.”

In addition, we use our proceeds from the charters to support the rebuilding and preservation of SACHA, a 1938 Chris Craft Cruiser built out of Mahogany and oak. All of us involved in the charters have been involved in SACHA’s rebirth, and one day soon, she will re-join our “fleet.”

Casco Bay Custom Charters is a Maine business operated by Maine people. We appreciate your support of these beautiful wooden boats and the people who treat them like family.


Jim, Claire, Nick, Matt, & Jess

Now taking reservations for 2018.

open daily memorial day to late october

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South Portland, Maine